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We embrace innovation in how we gather and present news, continually pushing the boundaries of traditional media to enhance our readers’ experience.

About Us

Welcome to www.estpresse.mu , where passion and dedication meets journalism! We are a Team, based in Mauritius, committed to delivering comprehensive news coverage on regional, national, and international affairs. Our medium of communication is French and English. From health and education to art and culture, we bring diverse stories to your doorstep. We highlight issues like food security, environment, sports, and leisure, catering to varied interests. Our team of Editors, videographers, and photographers shape our narrative, providing a holistic view of the world. Stay connected with www.estpresse.mu

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We uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity and ethical reporting, ensuring that truth and transparency prevail in all our content. We are committed to engaging with our readers, listening to their concerns, and adapting our content to meet their needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high-quality news and insightful analyses that empower our readers. We strive to provide timely, accurate, and comprehensive reporting that enlightens and informs public discourse. By bridging gaps in understanding across diverse communities, we aim to be a catalyst for knowledge and change.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading online news platform that readers turn to worldwide. We aspire to shape the future of digital news by fostering a well-informed public equipped to tackle the challenges of our times. Through innovative storytelling and pioneering technology, we envision a world where information strengthens community ties and promotes global understanding.